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At the end of "Follow That Dream Parkway"
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Testimony of Reverend Ross Drysdale as a teenager.  Written in 1982.

This 42 page booklet with chapter titles like, "Watchman, What of the Night", "The Deacon's Wild Ride", "The Jesus Onlys Are Here",  "Pass the Baloney, Please", plus 20 more chapters, is available by sending $5.00 (five dollars) in money order or check (no cash, please) along with your request and address to:

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The following are excerpts taken from "I Never Shall Forget"


I certify that the events and experiences which I am about to relate happened exactly as I tell them. I have not embellished or exaggerated any of them; if anything words seem to fail me in describing all.  I know some will read this and refuse to believe.  To them it will seem too farfetched, too impossible.  But it did happen just as I tell it.  I know.  I was there.

I was raised in the Baptist faith.  We went to a wonderful church on Staten Island known as the Mariners Harbor Baptist Church.  My ancestors helped found the church.  All my family, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.  went there.  The church taught us the Word of God and set a good standard for holy living.  I never dreamed I would be anything but Baptist.  Indeed, I thought there was nothing else you could be and be right..........

The years rolled on.  I was a Sophomore in High School and a very unhappy one.......... How could I have known that in the foreknowledge of God he had ordained that I should be there for the purpose of receiving an invitation to the Living Water?  For in that very class that I had so diligently sought to escape was a young black man by the name of Juan Carmona, full of the Holy Ghost and power and mighty in scripture.  His life crossed mine and I never was the same.

..........I never did like heights and rope climbing sounded like too much work.  I figured I better practice and do it anyway, seeing there was no way out of the assignment. I was doing pretty good and just about to make it to the top when I heard someone below me yell, "Go on, Drysdale, you got it".  How did this person know my name and who was he?  Like Zaccheus scampering down from the tree, I slid down the rope to investigate.  There stood a tall, young black man, my age, with glasses and a broad smile.

"My first name's Ross.  What's yours?", I said.

"Juan Carmona, but everyone calls me Tony. I'm Puerto Rican"..........

"Do you know Jesus Christ as your own personal Savior, Ross?"

"Oh, no", I groaned within myself.  My only thought was to get him out of sight and out of ear range of anyone else.  "Oh, yes I do.  I'm a Baptist."..........Soon, Tony was talking about the church building his little congregation had bought.  I asked him where it was and found out, to both our surprise, that it was around the corner from me--the church in the graveyard.

"What kind of church is it, anyhow?", I asked.

"We are Pentecostal.  Have you heard of us?", he replied.

My next statement slipped out of my mouth before I could catch it and bring it back to the realm of politely unspoken comments, "Is that a Holy Roller church?"

His response showed he was equal to the task, "Yes, then you've heard of us!"

Before I knew what was happening, I had given him my address and had accepted an invitation to my first Holy Roller meeting.  Boy, did I have something to tell the guys!

When the Comforter is Come

On the 15th of September 1962, at about 7:30 p.m., I made my way to the Rehoboth Christian Mission for what I thought would be my last time.  I had no idea of the extraordinary event which to take place..........I had Billy to sit on one side of me and Gene on the other.  We were in the first row and Tony was in the row behind us.  I  figured with a Baptist on one side and a Methodist on the other, I would be quite insulated and cushioned against any of the strange occurrences in this Pentecostal place of worship..........Suddenly, my attention was drawn to my right.  What I saw I shall never forget as long as I live and, indeed, thereafter. Billy's face was a bright red and it looked as if it were glowing.  I wanted to ask him what was happening, but there was not enough time.  All of a sudden, he put his hands up to his face and began rubbing it as if he had a washcloth in his hands.  Quickly he began to rise out of his seat. Astonished at what I saw, I immediately turned to my left to where Gene was seated.  Gene was already on his feet and staggering under the power of God..........In an instant, I felt a hot cloud descend from heaven and completely envelope my body.  It seemed like a split second.  It just surrounded me with its intense warmth, and  I was completely aware of the presence of God.  A voice spoke to my soul and said, "Ross--receive the Holy Ghost."  Immediately, I felt this hot cloud pass through my body and take up residence inside me.  The Comforter has come...........The Spirit then began to toss me high into the air over and over again, as the glorious billows of love and poser crashed over my body like the sweeping of ocean waves. I had absolutely no control over my body at this time, but I was completely aware of the fact that I was totally and completely being exercised by the Holy Ghost..........Billy was still rejoicing and Gene was on the floor still speaking in a tongue.  I was now a Pentecostal according to Acts the second chapter and would remain so for life.  And so I have.

Preach the Word

A former Sunday School teacher at the Baptist church, named Artie, had been visiting the Rehoboth Mission.  I was very eager to do something for God and he must have noticed this.  One Sunday morning, after the service, he asked me and a sister in the church if we would like to accompany him to Greenwich Village in Manhattan..........The plan was simple.  We would sing some songs to draw a crowd (the way I sing, there would be no doubt of a crowd assembling!), the sister and I would briefly testify, and then Artie would preach..........Brother Artie introduced himself and then called on the sister to testify.  She was very nervous and gave a brief but good testimony.  Then Artie turned to me and announced me as the preacher for the afternoon.  I almost fainted!  Me? Artie stood there smiling, the crowd stood there waiting.  I stood there shaking!  I prayed a quick prayer and then I started my testimony.  I found more things to say and the anointing began.  I was preaching and declaring with boldness the Word of God on the streets of New York.  And they were listening.........

Unto What Then Were Ye Baptized?

One day in the summer of 1963, my sister, Lachy, handed me a magazine.  The title of it was "The Pentecostal Herald".  I asked her where she got it.

"Oh," she said, "I' ve visited some Pentecostals, too, and I knew you were interested in that religion, so I brought you the magazine."

..........That night I began to read The Pentecostal Herald and I noticed in the editorial the word "Oneness" for the first time.

..........When I finally learned the answer, I would be even more amazed.  I also saw for the first time the name of this organization, "The United Pentecostal Church".  This was my first introduction to this great, international organization of Apostolic believers.

The next day, I asked Tony why we didn't visit the church on Harbor Road and fellowship with those saints.

"They're JESUS ONLYS", was his response.

"What's a Jesus Only?" was mine!

Arise and Be Baptized

It was October 29th, the year was 1963.  I had a raging debate going on within me over the issue of being baptized in Jesus Name.  Every time I read the book of Acts, I felt like I was half a Pentecostal.  I had the mighty baptism in the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues as recorded in the 2nd, 8th,10th and 19th chapters, but I did not have the baptism in water in the Name of Jesus recorded in the very same chapters..........I prayed that night that the Lord would show me and guide me into the truth.  As I lay down on my bed to sleep, I had no idea of the remarkable miracle that was about to take place.  But it did take place, I can never deny.  Suddenly, it seemed as if a whirlwind had entered my room and was surging around my body, starting at my head and working its way to my feet.  I felt my body become like dead weight lying on the bed and it seemed as if my soul had left its usual tabernacle and was soaring higher..........then it seemed as if a thought came to my soul, like the voice of the Lord, but not audible as here on earth.  It was a simple question, "Will you be baptized in my Name?"  Rapidly, I felt my soul plunging earthward..........I would now cast my lot with the Oneness people.  I could resist no longer.  What joy swept over me!  I was going to be a Jesus Name follower.  It would soon be noised abroad that Ross Drysdale was among the "Jesus Onlys"

..........I kept saying to myself, "I am Oneness, I am Apostolic, I am Jesus Name."  In my zeal, I had over looked another Jesus Name scripture, "Ye shall be hated of all men for my Names sake." (Matthew 10:22).  I was soon to learn.

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