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(please have Bible handy to look up verses listed)
Every believer is called to serve the LORD, not just pastors, ministers or other church leaders.

How we can serve the LORD effectively:

1.  Maintaining a regular prayer life.  Keeping the communicating lines open between the LORD and you is very important.  Prayer is a life-line from earth to heavenly places.Prayer draws us closer to the LORD.  We learn to be more spiritual minded through prayer.  Find a special spot where you feel comfortable talking with the LORD every day.  Exercise your gift of the HOLY SPIRIT by praying in the SPIRIT..  Allow your spirit to speak directly to the LORD, about things only the SPIRIT inside has knowledge of.  Praying in the SPIRIT releases negative junk and refreshes us.
"Pray without ceasing." I Thessalonians 5: 17.

2.  Read and /or study the Bible daily.  Staying in the WORD is the meat we need for spiritual nourishment.  Without it, we grow weak with hunger.  When you are starving, you cannot function correctly.  The HOLY BIBLE  is the instruction book for everything a Christian needs or wants in life.  There are plenty of good study books to help understand the BIBLE as you read along.  Be educated in the WORD so you will not be ashamed when asked to give an answer to someone about spiritual things of GOD.  II Timothy 2: 15.

3.  Attend church regularly and be an active member.  If you do not have a home church, look in the yellow pages of a phone book or on-line under the following headings: Apostolic,  Pentecostal or
Apostolic Pentecostal.  E-mail us and we will try to locate a church near you.  GOD ordained ministers to teach and guide us in personal and spiritual matters.  They are shepherds here on earth and keep watch over the souls of the saints.   Church gives spiritual support and knowledge of GOD'S WORD.  It is a gas station where you get filled up so you can continue the journey.  Don't just sit on the pew but become active in your church!  Much satisfaction is given when doing the LORD'S work.  It will have a huge positive effect in your life and attitude.  Don't forget, the main reason for church is to glorify and worship the LORD, not for gossip or showing off new clothes!
Hebrews 10: 25.

4.  Fellowship with other believers whenever possible.  I John 1: 7.  There is nothing wrong having unsaved friends but there are activities you will not be able to do with them.  It may be difficult to talk about spiritual things pertaining to the LORD because unsaved friends are still "in the world" as you once were.  Always remember your unsaved friends in prayer and be an example of what a Christian should be like.  You may be the only Bible they ever read!  By fellowshipping with other Christians, you can edify or build each other up in the LORD.  You are on common ground through JESUS CHRIST.  Love your friends, saved and unsaved, as the LORD does!

We serve the LORD at home, play or work and should be an example no matter where we are!
We serve the LORD by our actions.  It does matter what  we do!
We serve the LORD by our attitudes.  How we deal with life counts!
We serve the LORD by our words.  Be careful what you say and to whom!
We serve the LORD by how we present ourselves.  We are to present ourselves as a living sacrifice!
We serve the LORD by loving one another!  The world knows us by our love for each other!