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(please have your Bible handy so you can look up verses listed)
*Ask JESUS to forgive you of all sins that have been done in your life.   You must be SINCERE!

    *Tell JESUS you want Him LORD and MASTER  of your life.

    *Let JESUS know you are tired of the wrong way and want Him to be the DIRECTION GIVER                     
      from now on.

If you did these things, you have REPENTED.  REPENT means to have sorrow or regret for wrongful acts and attitudes in the past.  Please look up Acts 2:19 and read what the Bible says about REPENTING.  This verse also tells us why we need to REPENT.

The LORD has given us special direction on how to stay on the RIGHT ROAD.  Please go to the top of the page and click on:                                                                                                                           HOW DOES ONE LIVE A HOLY LIFE?