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Raised on the east coast of Florida amid the sun, sand and shore, I grew up appreciating the serenity of a childhood most are deprived of today.  Where I came from and at that time, you didn't have to worry about being a child.  You just were!  And what a colorful childhood before the east coast became too commercialized with high rise condominiums and far too many fast food restaurants.  But that is another story that can stand by itself.  Who knows....maybe one day I will write about my childhood adventures of pine forest, ocean waves and all day bicycle trips.

My senior class was the last to graduate from Vero Beach High before it was torn down.  In it's place was built a junior high school which is still being used today.  Receiving a scholarship, I attended Indian River Community College (it was IR Junior College)  for two years, majoring in business and art.  Not liberal arts but art, like in artist.  A few years later, I attended an Assembly of God Bible College in Lakeland where I learned sign language and how to work with the deaf.  I was involved in the deaf ministry for a few years and nursing home ministry as well.

The Lord has changed my ministry through the years to what it is today.  I could not do what I do, if it had not been for all the life experiences I have had in the past.  For a few years I was back slidden but always mindful of the Lord.  Through many heartaches, disappointments and tears,  He restored my soul and gave me the ministry am now in which is ten times more than I ever had before!

Today I am an ordained and licensed Minister of Outreach of The First Pentecostal Church.  We are affiliated with the Spanish United Pentecostal Churches which are Oneness, Apostolic and Pentecostal.  I also hold the position of Deaconess and help with special events in the church.  Most of my work, however,  is within the community.  Our church and myself are members of the Inglis-Yankeetown Christian Ministerial Association  where I serve as Secretary and represent the church as a minister.  This past year the IYCMA and community worked together to form the Helping Hands Food Co-op  food pantry.  Over the holidays we were able to service 282 adults and children with food and other services!   We make and deliver food baskets for Thanksgiving and Christmas with donated food and money from the area.   We were able to provide Christmas gifts to over 70 teenagers and children and each received three gifts!  The Lord has greatly blessed Inglis and Yankeetown!

We are praying for some kind of shelter for the area.  Because we are right on Route 19,  many transients go through here.  They need a place to rest, eat and hear the gospel.  I know the resources and help are here somewhere.   Pray the Lord speaks to people's heart about working in this ministry!  It is greatly needed!

About my husband is retired from Navistar (formerly International Harvester) in Ohio and helps me with some of the community work.  I have a son who is in college pursuing a career in electrical engineering and a daughter and son-in-law,  both who are medical physicians in another state.  My husband has four children,  five grandchildren and a great grandson all who live in Indiana and Ohio.

If you have any comments or questions , please e-mail me at:
Your Sister in Service,
Cheryl A. Wright,  Minister of Outreach                              BACK TO TOP