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 Pastor Ross Drysdale
First Pentecostal Church of Inglis, Florida

Excerpts taken from the tract
"Are Miracles Actually Taking Place?"
Documented miracles during the past 30 years  and written by
Pastor Ross Drysdale

Dateline: Inglis, Florida  02/14/00
In this scientific age, many people tend to doubt the possibility that miracles can occur.  After all, this is the 21st Century.  However, there are a number of people in the city of Inglis, Florida who will assure you miracles do happen, and have in fact been occurring for sometime now.  Located on Highway 40 in Inglis, Florida is a little congregation known as the First Pentecostal Church.  They are not a very large church, neither do they have a lot of money,  or a lot of fancy furnishings.  However, some most remarkable incidents have taken place there over the years that are causing people to wonder if God has not selected this place for a special reason.  Highway 40 was recently named Follow That Dream Parkway, based on the film Elvis Presley made on that location in the 1960's.  But, to many people in Inglis and surrounding towns, they found their dream on HIghway 40 at the First Pentecostal Church.

Since about the year 1970, an unusual series of incidences that can only be classified as supernatural have been taking place in this small congregation.  There is no publicity about it, no huge amounts of money are pulled from people.  There are no special "seed blessing" plans, or any literature to write away for.  People just come there for needs, and find a supernatural answer to their faith.  While some may doubt, others stand in amazement.  The files of the church since 1970 have kept a record of these supernatural occurrences.  They certainly seem impressive.  The pastor has recounted them in the following list.  To protect the peoples' privacy, initials will be used.  However, the pastor assures us he was an eyewitness to most of these, and their are other witnesses also.  Many people for whom these miracles where done, are alive today.

*   In 1990, Mrs. A. was told her entire heart was deteriorating, and she would need triple by pass surgery if she was to live.  Member form the church prayed for her with oil.  When the doctor reexamined her, he told her no operation would be necessary, and she had basically received a new heart.  She never had any heart surgery whatsoever.

*  A Mrs. H.  came to the church. She had been told she had a large malignant tumor inside her.  Prayer was made and upon re-examination the doctor declared a wall had been built around the tumor, not permitting it to escape into her body!  She lived for many years after that.

*  A man was in jail, facing a life sentence on very serious charges.  The pastor went to see him, and prayed for him.  He told him if he would serve God, the Lord would release him from jail, and prove his innocence.  Shortly after the case was completely dropped.

*  A Mr. D. had a four thousand dollar debt he need to pay.  Nobody knew but him.  Prayer was made and shortly after, someone called saying they had mysteriously found they had four thousand dollars in their bank account and that Mr. D. had appeared to them in a dream.  God had instructed them to give the money to him to pay off his debt.

*  A young man from St. Petersburg was witnessed to and brought to church.  He confessed that he had a police record and was afraid he would be arrested if he tried to go home to his mother.  Prayer was made and the police were called to check his record.  His entire criminal record had utterly disappeared from the system.  He went home to his mother.

*  Mrs. D. was diagnosed with cancer in four places, colon, bone marrow, liver, and pancreas.  She was counselled to take chemotherapy in hopes of having her life  extended for awhile.  Two elders from the church went to the hospital and prayed for her that night.  The next morning before receiving chemotherapy, she was re-examined.  The doctors found absolutely no trace of cancer in any of the four locations.

*  A young lady was told it would be impossible for her to have children.  The pastor received  a revelation that she was going to have a child in spite of medical opinion.  Shortly after that she conceived and brought forth a healthy child.

*  A young man who had become a Satanist High Priest and was involved in occult crime, was witnessed to, converted, and came to the church.  He was baptized, giving his testimony.

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